Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rescued Photo #5 - Clarence Sidney Verrill

When I was in Vermont last year, I spent an hour or so browsing at the Antique Center at Camelot Village in Bennington, VT. This shop is huge and is composed of many individual 'stalls' where all kinds of antiques are sold. 

I spent most of my time there looking thru old photos and was amazed at how many of them had identification written on the back. If only all my old family photos were identified! I bought a few that caught my eye and to see if I could identify the families of the individuals, and possibly to locate a living descendant who would like to have these photos. Please contact me if you are related to these people and would like the original photo.

Clarence Sidney Verrill
M. Moulthrop, Photo.
298 Chapel St.   New Haven, CT
"Clarence Sidney Verrill
3 years old May 6 -80
Taken June 10 - 1880"
From a quick search of records -

Clarence Sidney Verrill was born 6 May 1877 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was the son of Addison Emery Verrill and Flora Louisa Smith.  Clarence was the 5th of six children, and the 3rd son. Clarence's father, Addison was Yale University's first Professor of Zoology and later, curator of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Clarence married Dorothy Lord Maltby in California in 1906, and their only child, Rae Maltby Verrill, was born 2 September 1907 in Soulsbyville, California.

A biography/obituary for Clarence was found in the Bulletin of  the American Institute of Mining Engineers, issue 145, January, 1919, pages xlii - xliii, and available on Google Books. Clarence was a mining engineer and worked in many areas of the American west. He and his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia around 1910 where Clarence opened an office as a consulting engineer. He died in a wreck of the steamship, Princess Sophia, on 25 October 1918 as he was returning from a mine visit near Juneau, Alaska. At least 343 people were on board the vessel when it struck a reef and all died in this disaster. According to the biographical sketch, Clarence is buried in Juneau, along with many of the other passengers.

Clarence's daughter Rae Maltby Verrill married Ralph Gordon McDiarmid in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1928. They had at least one son, Neil Verrill McDiarmid who was born and died in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1976 at age 42.