Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 1956

Here is my first Thanksgiving at my parents' home in Little Falls, New Jersey. My mom, Dorothy Veith Grant (1922-2006) is on the left and her parents, Harold (1891-1978) and Minna (1893-1977) (Badendick) Veith are on the right. My brother is in the middle. My dad, Warren Westcott Grant (1922-2005) took the photo.

We always called this set of china the "chicken plates". It was a set that my mom purchased when she was first married. It is a Deruta pattern called 'Galletto' and it is still being made In Italy today. After my mom died, the set came to me and we use it for our holiday meals. I still love it as much as I did when we used the 'chicken plates' for special occasions when I was growing up. Unfortunately, the platter was broken a few years ago, when it skittered off the counter while the turkey was being transferred to it.

Thanksgiving 1956 - Little Falls, New Jersey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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