Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fifty nine years ago yesterday

October 11th was my parents' wedding anniversary. Warren Westcott Grant and Dorothy Minna Veith got married at the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Harwichport, Massachusetts on 11 October 1952. Their best man and matron of honor were Matt and Fran Zuck. My father knew Matt from growing up in Clifton, NJ and Mom got to know them both during the years she and Dad dated.
Warren and Dorothy Grant
11 October 1952
 My mom did not wear a traditional wedding dress. She said that she wanted a dress she could wear again.
Mom's parents - Harold and Minna Veith
 and Warren and Dorothy Grant
The wedding reception was held at the Eastward Ho! Inn in Orleans, MA.It poured with rain during the whole event.
At the Reception

After the reception, my parents went on a short honeymoon to Rockport, MA. My dad had a MG at the time and this is the vehicle they used for the trip.
Dad's MG at Rockport MA

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