Monday, September 12, 2011

Acadia Mines Family

One of my father's cousins has a photo album that belonged to our Betts ancestors who immigrated to Rhode Island in 1884 from Acadia Mines (now Londonderry), Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, most of the portraits in this album are unidentified although most of the photographer's imprints are from Nova Scotia. One of these is the following group photograph.

unknown group
Acadia Mines, Nova Scotia

On the back of the photograph is the following stamp:
James O'Connell
Acadia Mines, N.S.
I need to research when James O'Connell was active in Acadia Mines to more accurately date this early 20th century photo. It appears to show what is probably a family group in front of a small store. Are these Betts or Fulton or Wilson ancestors? Are there city directories from this area? Or can I determine store-keepers from the 1901 Canadian census? Would the Colchester Historical Society have listings of small shop-keepers for this period?  I will publish an update if I can find out any information about this photograph.


  1. I just learned something new! I never knew that Londonderry was previously known as Acadia Mines. I'm in Londonderry, NH and we recently hosted a bunch of Taylor descendants from Londonderry, Nova Scotia. Their ancestors lived in both places.

  2. I would like to share your picture on a Facebook group I administer, named, "West Colchester Past to Present" to see if anyone has any more info for you. Most of the members live in West Colchester, which used to be Londonderry Township.

  3. I just joined your facebook group and saw that you have already posted this photo. I hope we get some information!


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