Monday, August 1, 2011


I got back two days ago from my 9 day research trip back east and my week-long class on Writing Family History Narratives and other Genealogical Works at Boston University. It's taken me two days to get caught up on mail and laundry and re-stocking the refrigerator and all the things that need to be done after being out of town for an extended period. I had some great successes in my research but it will take me awhile to sort through the hundreds of scans and photographs, and to transcribe many of the records I found. I have lots of new information to blog about in the coming weeks!

The writing course was well worth it. It was taught by two very different scholars and authors, Dr. John Philip Colletta and Dr. Thomas Wright Jones, with two very different approaches to writing up genealogy and family history. Primary for both, though, is the importance of thorough research with well-sourced footnotes and citations. In the coming weeks I plan to experiment with different writing styles I learned about.

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