Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Veith siblings

On Monday, I am planning to meet up with some cousins who are also descendants of  Hannah Zeiler and Gottlieb Veith. I am descended their son, Harold, and my 2nd cousin is descended from Harold's sister, Esther.

Children of Gottlieb Veith and Hannah Zeiler, Hollisterville, Pennsylvania
My grandfather, Harold Theodore Veith is the man on the right and his brother Edwin is on the left (in the cap). The 3 daughters are Carrie, Esther, and Edna but I'm not sure which is which. I'm hoping my cousin might know!


  1. The men look like teases and sister in the middle doesn't look too happy about it. I'd like to see the parasol sister on the right is holding. It looks 4th of July-ish, doesn't it? I hope you get lots of information when you visit your cousin.

  2. I've seen my grandfather wearing that hat (a straw boater??) in other pictures as well. And he was a big tease. I never knew Edwin so I can't say that about him.


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