Saturday, July 9, 2011

Third cousin meet-up

I'll be traveling back east soon to northeastern Pennsylvania to meet up with at least 2, and possibly 3 or 4 third cousins. We are all descended from the children of Joseph Zeiler and Anna Margaretha (Margaret) Mack of Jefferson Twp, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

According to the 1900 census, Joseph Zeiler and Margaret Mack married around 1856. This census indicates they had 8 children but only 5 were living in 1900. These children are:

Mary Zeiler born August 1857
Karolina (Carrie) Zeiler born 28 June 1859
Casoline (Cassie) Zeiler born July 1863
Theodore A. Zeiler born Dec 1865
Hannah Zeiler born 21 May 1869 (my great-grandmother)

All these children, (except Karolina who had no children of her own) have living descendants and some of us will be meeting for the first time. It looks like we might have at least one descendent from each branch! I'm hoping that we can all exchange photos, documents, family records and family stories.


  1. So glad that we all got to meet up yesterday. I really enjoyed looking through the pictures and exchanging stories!

  2. Thank you Jason! And thanks for looking up the deed and making copies of all the records. I've been moving non-stop all week and won't have time to really look at anything until I'm home. I will be in touch! Hi to all your family - oh, and the photoshopped picture was great! Good job!

  3. My father is Delmar Zeiler, the son of Theodore and Carrie Zeiler. My grandparents died before I was born and my dad didn't have any pictures of his parents. I have always wondered what they look like. Do you come across any pictures of them?

  4. Hi!
    I don't have any photos of them but I'm in contact with someone who may have some. If you go to "About me", there is a link to my email address. I would love to exchange information. We are 2nd cousins once removed.



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