Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I can't find anyone!

A lot of people in the genealogy blogosphere have been talking about the free access to the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) records that Ancestry.com had over the 4th of July weekend. I have a subscription to Ancestry.com but I headed over too, hoping to finally make that connection to at least one documented Revolutionary ancestor.

I had no luck.

I have not yet pursued my roots into the Colonial era although family records indicate that we have New England ancestry that goes way back on several lines. But most of my effort has been concentrated in the 19th century, documenting the life and times of ancestors who lived more recently. I especially am fascinated with the mid-late 19th century in New England (although recently I've been pulled to late 19th century NE Pennsylvania and New Jersey by research on my mother's side).

I have been able to document my Grant line back to Sylvester Grant who was born in 1790 in Bristol County, RI. There are many public trees and published histories that show he is the grandson of Shubael Grant, born in 1743 in Barrington, RI but I have not yet looked for the sources that convince me of this lineage. But if it is true, then Shubael would be my Revolutionary ancestor in my direct Grant line. I went to Footnote.com and I found records in several places in their Revolutionary War Records.  It appears Shubael served in both Cook's Regiment of the R.I. Militia (albeit only for 5 days in 1778) and Allen's Company of Militia in 1780-1781.

But it appears to me that no one has submitted his name for either DAR or SAR lineage! Will I be the first to do so when I get around to properly documenting the lineage? It seems hard to believe that no other descendants of Shubael's have ever used this lineage. I'm not sure yet when I will start working on this project but I will update this blog when I do so.

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