Friday, July 1, 2011

Anyone know why I can't post comments in blogs?

I know this is an odd place to ask but - why can't I post comments on other people's blogs? I am logged in to blogger but when I write a comment, I am asked to choose a profile. When I choose either my google account or live-ID, I am thrown to the google login window. After I type in my name and password, I get returned to my comment preview (but the name says Anonymous) and nothing I do will cause the comment to post. Every time I hit 'post', I am brought back to the login window. This even just happened on my own blog, when I tried to reply to a comment that was just made to Cheryl.

I have occasionally been able to post comments in the past but I can't see anything that was done differently. Can anyone help?


  1. I was having the same issue. Do you have the "keep me logged in" box marked? If so try removing it when you sign in and it should work. Or it did for me anyway.

  2. Tammi -
    A million thank yous! That seems to have finally solved the problem. Who would have thought!


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