Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Tale of Three Zophars

Three Generations of Zophar Skinner
My father's mother was a Skinner. Her grandfather (and my gg-grandfather) was the 3rd Zophar Skinner in a row of Zophars.

The first Zophar Skinner was born in 1773 or early 1774, probably in Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was a son of Elijah Skinner and Abigal Hawes. Zophar married Bethiah Freeman in Norton on the 15 October 1798. His occupation was listed as a Miller when he died on 3 March 1843 in Franklin, Bristol County, Massachusetts of consumption. He is buried in the Norton Common Cemetery in Norton, Massachusetts.
Inscription: To the memory of
Mr Zophar Skinner
who died March 2, 1843.
Aged 69 years.
 Norton Common Cemetery, Norton, MA

Although the tombstone reads the  2nd March for Zophar's death, his actual death record shows 3rd March for his death date.
The second Zophar Skinner was born 1 May 1803 in Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, third of eight children born to Zophar Skinner and Bethiah Freeman. He married Cynthia Comstock on the 27 September 1835 in Seekonk, Massachusetts. He died of typhoid pneumonia on the 1 July 1860 in Cumberland, Providence County, Rhode Island. He was a mill laborer at the time of his death. Zophar is buried in Mineral Spring Cemetery, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Inscription: Zophar Skinner
Died July 1, 1860
Aged 57 years & 2 mo's
Mineral Spring Cemetery, Pawtuket, RI
The third Zophar Skinner was born on the 12th of September 1843 in Valley Falls, Providence County, Rhode Island. He was the second child of Zophar Skinner and Cynthia Comstock. He married Eliza Jane Carpenter on the 24th of December, 1865 in Valley Falls. Zophar died of a heart attack on 11 November 1926 and is buried in Moshassuck Cemetery in Central Falls, Rhode Island. At the time of his death, he was the owner and manager of the R.I. Washer Company in Valley Falls, a manufacturer of leather washers.

Skinner Family Tombstone, Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, RI

Inscription on reverse side of tombstone reads:
1843 - Zophar - 1926
1847 - Eliza J - 1922
1866 - Frederick W. - 1942
1867 - Charles E. - 1910
1900 - C. Edwin - 1911
1886 - Mabel Carlton - 1899
1870 - John F. - 1949
1871 - Annie F. - 1956
1894 - Hazel Skinner Grant - 1945

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