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Hannah Zeiler

Last month I posted about Gottlieb Veith here . Hannah Zeiler was his wife.

Hannah Zeiler was born on the 21 May 1869 in Jefferson Twp, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvannia to Joseph Zeiler and Anna Margaretha (Margaret) Mack. Both of Hannah's parents immigrated to the U.S. from Wurttemberg, Germany in the 1850s.

Hannah was the 4th of 5 children, all born in Jefferson Twp, Pennsylvannia. Her father, Joseph, was a farmer in the Elmdale community his entire life.
Since Hannah was just 18, and a minor when she married Gottlieb, her father had to give his written consent to the marriage.
Gottlieb Veith and Hannah Zeiler
marriage certificate - 8 March 1888
Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
I love this marriage certificate! The image at the bottom is that of H.A. Smith, Minister of the Gospel.Witnesses to the marriage were Hannah's brother, Theodore A. Zeiler, and Kate Lowert. Kate was probably a friend of the couple.

Gottlieb and Hannah had 5 children. Their oldest child, Carrie M. Veith was born in April 1889, 13 months after the marriage. Harold Theodore Veith, my maternal grandfather, was born 2 years later on  19 May 1891. Esther Veith was born on the 10 April 1895 and the twins, Edwin Veith and Edna Veith were born on 20 August 1903.

I don't know too much about Hannah. My mom once told me that Hannah did not like her much since she was a 'modern woman' and didn't know how to cook!

Gottlieb and Hannah Veith
Hannah died at home on 30 August 1942 at 10:35 PM of a heart attack. Her husband, Gottlieb was the informant on the death certificate. She was buried 3 days later in the Hollisterville Cemetery,  Hollisterville, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. When Gottlieb died 5 years later, he was buried in the same plot as was their oldest daughter, Carrie.

Hollisterville Cemetery, Hollisterville, Salem Twp, PA

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