Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Writing Reveals

I started writing up short posts on my mother's paternal grandparents this last week and the act of writing caused me to examine what I actually knew and had documented about these ancestors. As it turns out, I didn't know as much as I thought I did! There were some gaps in my research that had gone un-noticed prior to this attempt at writing.

So I spent a few hours on Thursday figuring out where to get birth, marriage, and death records in Wayne and Lackawanna Counties in Pennsylvania and have sent off for some of these documents. In addition, an email to the Clerk of Judicial Records in Lackawanna County resulted in this response -

"Please provide me with a postal mailing address and I will mail to you the results that my Clerk/Archivist has located."

Whoo- hoo!

I had enquired what repository I should investigate to find records of Gottlieb Veith's naturalization after his arrival in 1883. I was not expecting that the clerk (or an assistant) would be able to do a look-up right then and there -Sometimes we luck out! And this record should provide the evidence that I need that the immigration record I had is for the right Gottlieb Veith since I know Gottlieb was living in (or near) Scranton, Pennsylvania when he married there in March 1888.

I'll update when I receive the record.

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