Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom - Dorothy Minna Veith

It seems appropriate to start my blog with pictures of my Mom since without her, I (and this blog!) would not be here.
Mom was born in Englewood, New Jersey on 19 August 1922. She died in Pompton Plains, New Jersey on 17 November 2006. She lived in Englewood until she married my Dad in 1952. They lived briefly in Clifton, New Jersey before buying their first (and only) house in Little Falls, New Jersey in 1954.
Dorothy Minna Veith about age 1
Dottie about 5 years old. I still have this chair.
When Mom was young, she was called Dottie. As an adult, she preferred to be called Dot instead of Dorothy. Mom hated her middle name - she said it was so old fashioned. After she married my dad, she dropped the use of it and used her maiden name as her legal middle name. I do the same although my middle name (Carol) was not so bad.
Dot about age 20
My Mom went to Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and graduated in 1942 with an A.A. She later took night classes at New York University while working as an executive secretary at my grandfather's furniture store.
Age 30. Engagement picture
Mom met my Dad at a party in her early 20s but they didn't get  married until  1952 when they were both 30 years old. She told me once that she was having too much fun to get married younger! She had fabulous stories about dancing to the Big Bands in NYC during her 20s.
Age 83
Mom died in her sleep after a short illness when she was 84. I had last seen her the week before.
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I miss you every day.

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